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Naiara F. Cantero “Digital Nemo” Speedpainting

Speed Painting by Naira Cantero Fernández. It is one of the pages she is preparing for “Digital Nemo”, a collaborative comic we [...]

Z Files: Infection

Description Z Files: Infection is an interactive fiction work based on the gamebook of the same name directed by Fernando Lafuente and Jacob [...]

Superman, the man of gold

A perfect copy of the first comic book in which Superman appeared, one of the most famous superheroes of all time, was sold for more than $ [...]

“Curiosity Shop, The moratorium”

The conclusion of a series on the initiation, a fascinating and totally full of magic series . Spain, 1915 Max and Luna continue in their se [...]

Iconssmart: the app, emoticons can also be author made

This item uses cookies. Click here to watch it   Iconssmart A good idea! Why emoticons we regularly use in our messaging systems have t [...]
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