“Curiosity Shop, The moratorium”

The conclusion of a series on the initiation, a fascinating and totally full of magic series .

Spain, 1915 Max and Luna continue in their search of the legendary Table of Solomon, while the duo Zarkowsky and Valsapena are very close. But … are they really looking for the table? In fact, the first one, captivated by the young Max, seems rather consider this chase as a game, while the second one keeps a secret hope of recovering his former partner, Luna, who taught him everything.

Third and ending volume in a trilogy that has led us to a magical, adventurous and personal knowledge of the characters and culture.

As background Granada (among other great locations) and the Alhambra, gloriously recreated in a series that, as a whole, is a full success for the construction of its characters as the choice of historical times and places where they evolve.


Teresa Valero was born in Madrid in 1969 Amateur drawing since childhood, began his career in animation as a production secretary, and soon after to make artworks as Storyboard and layout artist on feature films and television series. Along with Juan Diaz Canales founded the Trident animation studio. His first job in the comic world is through scriptwriting series of Brujeando (Norma), illustrated by Juanjo Guarnido. Then with Montse Martin, with whom she had shared many years at Trident Animation, performs Curiosity Shop trilogy of which this volume is the third and last. His latest work, this time as a draftsman, was the humorous comic We are family (Ed. Delcourt) scripted by Marie Pavlenko.

Montse Martin was born in Madrid in 1975 is an artist known for her work in Talisman (EDT) and Curiosity Shop series belonging to increasingly nourished group of Spaniards who go from animation to comic. Martin comes from the Trident animation studio. There, Martin worked for more than a decade, participating in television series and feature films such as Astérix and the Vikings, El Cid or Nocturna. It has not totally abandoned the animation and combines his work in the world of comics with some work in animation.

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