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Interview: Anel Montoro


Anel Montoro

Anel is a cartoonist, surprisingly, not yet discovered by the main stream.

This is one of those not explained cases where I wonder how he have not already made the leap to professional drawing in collections and illustration. And confirms my faith in the enormous talent for creativity, in this case in the visual side, we have in Spain.

But this, in fact, will change very soon because he is going to publish his first graphic novel “D.O.S. looking for an answer in Vigo”, in which he is in charge of all the graphics and designs.

Almost simultaneously we will also enjoy “Pater Monster” his first work, in this case as pencil artist and author of the story, for Broadcastingcomics, where I guarantee you we’re going to have a great time with incredibly good adventures.

In this interview he tells us a little more about himself and his work.

I hope it will help you to discover him, just in case you didn´t, and to respect him even more, for those who are lucky enough to know him.

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