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Interview: David Muñóz Velázquez


David Muñóz Velázquez

David Muñoz Velazquez is a Digital Art author.
He is part of a plethora of artists who have grown up under traditional techniques, but have successfully pooled with wisdom and intuition the entire arsenal offered by computers. Add more and more to get moving on, in the case of David, an absolutely personal world, sometimes dreamlike, sometimes disturbing and always forceful. A kind of art, the digital one, that despite the huge existing production, remains relegated to a minority audience, but that is sure, will appeal to anyone who is fortunate enough to find it out. And the work of David is one of those that breaks through and is going to change the way of looking for many. Because he also produces profusely and shares his findings and talent generously. His mastery with programs like Zbrush or Photoshop, it is more than evident in each one of his works.
The best, that in addition he is a great person and will amaze us more and better. Thanks David.

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