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Interview: Gabriel Hernández Walta


Gabriel Hernández Walta

Several months ago, EH Editors published the second volume dedicated to Andalusian Illustrators (Comic and animation). Within this group of artists, among geniuses like Pacheco, the equally portentous fellow Oscar Jimenez, or the always surprising MAZ!, there was, a complete unknown to me, Gabriel Hernandez Walta. The surprise was even greater when I saw that in his style there were reminds of classic comic book authors we both admire, and because I saw on his page layout and his narrative sincerity an absolute stunning power.

Anyway, I thought I wanted to meet the person who was behind all this display of mastery (because Gabriel is truly a master of drawing) and learn a little bit more directly of what his concerns and thoughts are around the world of comics, cartoon, illustration, and drawing in general. Having no other way of contact, I left a note on his blog so we could get in touch. After some months and issues, we could have a coffee and I must admit that we connect immediately. It also happens that Gabriel is very easy to treat. After this great artist there is an even better person. A smart and friendly dude. This fact may surprise you in a given moment due to the harshness with which he treats the horrific stories he builds with El Torres. But undoubtedly, and best of all, we will continue enjoying with his work.

During that first coffee we arranged the day to do the interview you are going to see next. An extensive and interesting dialogue, in which he also has the generosity of discovering to us a little more of his creative process. A unique piece of art that anyone who is interested this exciting world of drawing and comics should not miss at all. A gift that I hope soon will be completed with the comics he is going to draw for this website.

I’ve wanted to tell you this presentation as a little romance, but that’s what Hernandez Walta´s drawings makes in those who have the fortunate to discover them, an instant emotional crush. Pay close attention to his words and especially his works, enjoy!

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