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Interview: Miguel Ángel Lacal


Miguel Ángel Lacal

Audacity .

When you stop to think about the creative work and the art of a friend, always afraid of falling into complacency and flattering. Those of us lucky enough to meet Miguel Angel Lacal, we know that these types of questions do not exist when dealing with him and his genius. It’s a bold guy. In the most extensive and vibrant sense of the word. A multifaceted , changing, and always surprising artist. As a good biker, also, is released to enjoy every curve that offers the way of creativity, 2D, 3D, making music, everything seems to be made easy and dynamic. It happens that this apparent ease is the result of years of experience and a virtually unlimited curiosity.
In this interview we are going to be able to know him a little better, and appreciate a bit of his creative talent.

Enjoy it a lot!

Fortunately we will be able to also enjoy his comics, exclusively, for Broadcastingcomics. Very soon we will publish Dragon Ninja, adventures freshly drawn and colored masterfully.

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