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Jorge Jiménez

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But, Who is Jorge Jiménez? Where does comes from this whirlwind of emotions and energy that is conquering markets of comics as imposing as the North American? How a legend is forged based on a mixture of good work, tenacity till the absurd and a head, lets say, well-set on his shoulders? And most important of all … Why the hell is he so geek of Superman?

Joking aside Jorge is geek, but of the right kind, the elegant, betting and risking for what he loves and believes that deserves all efforts. And also, he has talent and is a very good artist, great guy, neighbor here in Granada, which seems not to have ceiling as to the world of drawing is concerned. His works for the North American market of comics give proof. And its price is rising. Awesome!

It has been a pleasure to share their concerns in this interview where he gives us some answers about his profesional, stylistic, and personal progression. You must not miss a single detail.

You have english subtitles at your disposal.

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