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José Luis Munuera

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If there is a cartoonist in the world, who is an institution by himself, do not be in any doubt, he is José Luis Munuera.
Energetic, determined, and with a rogue point I must say, his drawing boasts an outstanding spark and intellect. Indeed throughout his long career as a cartoonist and authentic visual storyteller he has been lavished on countless variety of projects, Many of them risky. In most of them reinventing himself and offering excellent versions of his art. He has also collaborated with great writers and other great authors and illustrators. Especially in French-Belgian globe where he has been for years a mainstay of reference in the profession.

Theoretical and very practical, Munuera is constantly thinking about his profession, on how to improve on how to make it greater and new, and enjoying along the way. And this is something which is transpired and spreads on each vignette.

In the first part of this talk that we are pleased to share with you, he synthesizes his beginnings in the world of drawing and talks about the more technical aspects of the profession.

In the second part we talk about the comic book industry, the events surrounding this and other means of entertainment, and about his latest works.

Anyway best thing you can do is to pay full attention to this master, who distilling the same energy as a young talent, is able to draw rich and natural worlds that does not neglect the necessary viscerality and the tender part of each character he builds.

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