Pater Monster 2017 – Ep01 “The maze of a thousand deaths”


Script: Anel Montoro

Drawing: Anel Montoro

Episode 1.

The maze of a thousand deaths.

28 pgs. Color

Based on an original idea by Fernando Gómez

Adventures with capital letters and in sword and witchcraft mode, but with great doses of humor and surprises!

Product Description

Episode 1

“The maze of a thousand deaths”

“Our world, as we know it, is nothing but one of three planes in different dimensions”

With this disturbing premise begins this first chapter of Pater Monster.

This is a saga in which you’ll rediscover the stories of sword and witchcraft with the embelishment of humorous situations and moments of great epic tension. Without revealing much, we will say that Anel Montoro has put all his art in the creation of a story that keeps a great balance between the stories of classic adventures, current authors, and the most contemporary narratives, and all with an hilarious cartoon accent in the drawing, which makes it even brighter.

This is for truly enjoyment!


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