Superman, the man of gold

A perfect copy of the first comic book in which Superman appeared, one of the most famous superheroes of all time, was sold for more than $ 3.2 million on the internet auction site eBay, an amount close to the record for this type of publication.

The copy of the cartoon Action Comics # 1″ June 1938 was purchased at a final price of $ 3,207,852 at auction which started on August 14 and ended on Sunday, according to eBay.

Having one of about 50-100 copies that exist worldwide in the first Superman comic is a luxury. In 2011 another of these valuable copies was sold for 2.16 million dollars, until yesterday the highest price paid for a comic book, according to The Washington Post“.

The record for a comic is in the hands of a work of Tintin, the Belgian artist Hergé, sold for $ 3,582,113 in May by the French auction house Artcurial.

The copy of Superman, whose value to go on sale in 1938 was 10 cents, was bought by ComicConnect, a company specialized in selling comic books for collectors website.

The magazine was presented in eBay as “copy best quality of the most sought after comic in the worldwith immaculately perfect white sheets,” according to the seller, Darren Adams, from Pristine Comics, based in Washington.

This cartoon not only includes the first appearance of Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, but started the whole superhero genre that has continued since then for 76 years,” he added.

“He speaks of it as the Holy Grail of comic books and this is the best quality copy available with perfect white pages. This is the Mona Lisa Cartoon and stands alone as the most sought-printed cartoon” continued .

The specimen is one of only not restored 50 copies that exists, there is still a hundred from the about 200,000 printed at the time. Another copy of that book, with a lower scores by the Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), was sold three years ago to more than two million.

Part of the proceeds from this millionaire sale will go aimed at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, an organization of the late actor who originally played the superhero on the big screen and dedicated to the care and research of spinal cord injuries.

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