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Broadcastingcomics web publishing is where comics are designed and created to be enjoyed in a horizontal format.

Our comics boast of great heterogeneity, because our center are the authors, and therefore we have a huge variety of genres and styles.

We take advantage of the digital medium to have your web comics available on any place and device, Smartphone, Smart TV, Tablets, etc.
The display system in Broadcastingcomics works in Chrome or any modern browser like Safari.

It’s simple:

Visit our website

Create an account with your email, Facebook or Google+

Access the comic you want

And I enjoy it immediately!!

We publish many comics for free and others with some cost. In all cases, our commitment is for authors to receive the maximum support. So remember that, if you want that a specific collection you like will continue, it’s worth to reward authors with both your comments and the acquisition of their works.

Thanks for supporting us and enjoy the readings!

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