Z Files: Infection

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Z Files: Infection is an interactive fiction work based on the gamebook of the same name directed by Fernando Lafuente and Jacobo Feijóo with the authors Raelana Dsagan and Pedro Escudero. It is set in a world ravaged by the zombie apocalypse. When the project came to us, we had the idea of making a digital gamebook version that would go far beyond the traditional gamebook. With the invaluable help of our artistic director Francis Porcel we have decided to create a video game that explores a unique style that is not commonly seen in digital gamebooks: the interactive comic.


How do gamebooks normally start? You are the hero, right? You are 18 and in your last year of high school. Life is good while living with your parents and your 16-year old brother Luis, who is currently at the shopping mall with his friends. What worries could a young guy have at the start of the new millennium? Finishing your studies, hooking up with the girl you like, playing Half-Life until dawn while listening to Heavy Metal and then watching The Night of the Living Dead on TV. Things couldn’t be better. What could go wrong?

Our hero must go to the center mall to save his brother.


  • Fast-paced gamebook set in the zombie apocalypse.
  • Horror.
  • Comedy.
  • Multiplatform.
  • An interactive comic with art inspired by Mike Mignola’s work.
  • Role-playing elements: dice rolls, inventory.
  • Turn based combat.

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